Friday, March 23, 2007

Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church by Ian J. Mobsby

Ian Mobsby, a kindred spirit from the Moot Community in London, has published a new book about Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church. All proceeds will support Moot's activities.

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The book is called "Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church", drawing on narrative data, the book seeks to explore the theological, sociological and ecclesiological foundation to the emerging church in the UK context. It draws on the work of Sanctus 1, Moot, B1 and the Church of the Apostles in the States.

Interestingly it identifies that a reframed understanding of Trinitarian theology as a basis with the combination of a mystical communion & sacramental model of spiritual community. Fascinatingly regarding mission, the emerging church appears to be using a synthetic model of contextual theology - that seeks to reframe what it means to be Christian in post-modern post-secular contexts where people are spiritually searching with a form of techgnosis. For some in the UK context - it appears that the emerging church seeks to reframe a new approach to transcendence and imminence, and applying a 'both and' perspective to escape the binaries of catholic v evangelical of the past. It is argued that this founding principal of 'both and' is based on a Trinitarian theology which was the foundation of the original Anglican Church - so that the emerging church seeks to promote a vision of unity in diversity to escape the rigidity of much of the modern church in a post Christendom context. The book argues that the Emerging Church is reframing a new approach to ecclesiology and missiology.

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